Our great vineyard, genesis of an excellent wine

We are convinced. A great vineyard is the genesis of an excellent wine. Our particular 'treasure' is over 400 hectares of estate-owned vineyards located in the best terroirs of Rioja.

The Tempranillo variety dominates our plantations, where we also have other local varieties, including Graciano, Garnacha and Mazuelo, which are essential to make our brands and provide them with their marked personality.

Getting and controlling the quality of our grapes is only possible with a limited production (under 5,000 kilos per hectare) and exhaustive control technology applied from the start of the growing cycle until harvest. We also apply cutting-edge technology during vinification, affording us great winemaking flexibility depending on grape variety, the terroir and berry characteristics.

We should highlight our environmental awareness. For example, we do not use aggressive treatments or inorganic fertilisers and we have R&D projects in place to reduce vineyard treatments as much as possible.

Vineyards in La Rioja Alta. S.A.

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