Viña Ardanza Solidario Socially responsible

Board of Directors unanimously decided to allocate 1% of ours annual net profit, with a minimum of €100.000 per year, to humanitarian and philanthropic causes. Since 2007, La Rioja Alta, S.A. has already allocated more than one million euros to cooperation projects in Third World countries.
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Our Viña Ardanza Solidario programme is the utmost expression of a principle of solidarity in which La Rioja Alta, S.A. deeply believes. It is our company’s absolute conviction that it is immersed in a society whose problems are not alien to it and that this morally implies a number of responsibilities that go beyond the mere fulfilment of our legal obligations. That is why we wish to voluntarily and actively continue to contribute to improving certain aspects of our planet.
The initiative won the 2017 Empresa Social Award in Corporate Social Responsibility category, given by the Mundo Ciudad Foundation.

Demanding Selection Criteria 

The Board of Directors appointed an Allocation Committee to set strict project selection criteria and to study submissions, decide on winning projects in each annual call and monitor the destination of the funds as closely as possible, including six-monthly and final reports from the NGOs. The Committee consists of a board member, shareholders and several employees, creating an atmosphere of solidarity that is transmitted to the rest of the winery

Scope of action 

There are several areas in which this action is important. Although the main impact is on the society where the project is carried out, we cannot forget that our projects are related to our activity as a winery: economy, agriculture and trade. This also has an impact on employees and shareholders, who see that their company supports the development of unjustly poor economies.

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Collaborate with Viña Ardanza Solidario

We would be delighted if you could help us to increase the amount that we annually allocate to these cooperation projects. 
For this reason, Viña Ardanza Solidario is open all year round to possible contributions in a personal capacity from shareholders, directors, employees or other individuals and companies, whether or not they are related to the winery's shareholders. If you would like more information on how to help us, please contact us by telephone on +34 941 310 346 or by e-mail:
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