Viña Ardanza Solidario 2020 will allocate more than €150,000 to projects in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cameroon and Congo.

Viña Ardanza Solidario, the cooperation programme of the La Rioja Alta, S.A. winery group, already knows the destination of the more than €150,000 it will spend on funding agricultural projects in the Third World this year.

After an in-depth analysis of the more than twenty proposals received, a record number since the launch of this philanthropic initiative in 2007, the Allocation Committee chose the agricultural projects submitted by Eki Foundation in Sierra Leone, FISC Foundation in the D.R. Congo, Ongawa NGO in Tanzania and the Zerca y Lejos Association in Cameroon.

We share 1% of our profits every year with entrepreneurial projects that, without this support, would be unable to get off the ground due to the conditions in their countries, which are among the lowest in the world's Human Development Index,” says the Board Member Maite de Aranzabal, promoter and coordinator of Viña Ardanza Solidario.

She stated that the chosen projects "are agricultural because that is our sector and because no region in the world has managed to develop without relying on agriculture. We believe in agriculture and want to return it to its rightful place. We want for these projects what we want for ourselves and, therefore, we seek to make them agriculturally and commercially viable, sustainable and ambitious. But, in addition, they must be concerned about people, improving training, autonomy and comprehensive progress”.

In addition, the Allocation Committee has identified a fifth project in Peru, pending contributions from shareholders and employees during the year. “We always encourage shareholders, employees and partner companies to invest in this development, knowing that they are solid projects, carefully monitored and sustainable over time,” says Maite de Aranzabal.

In the thirteen years of history of Viña Ardanza Solidario, La Rioja Alta, S.A. winery has already allocated close to €1.4M to help thousands of people in impoverished countries, particularly in Africa.

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