La Rioja Alta, S.A. launches its new space for wine lovers

Located in our winery in the Station District, "El Garaje del Club de Cosecheros' brings wine, design and art together in a remodelled early 20th century building.

Wine lovers can now enjoy 'El Garaje del Club de Cosecheros', a space recently opened by La Rioja Alta, S.A. and located in the old garage of the Haro winery. It is an independent building constructed at the beginning of the 20th century located in the winery’s back garden area.

Covering more than 200 m2 (2150 sq ft), it is divided into several main areas. Inside, there is a wine bar and shop with a tasting area, as well as a private area intended primarily for use by members of the three Club de Cosecheros wine clubs (La Rioja Alta, S.A., Torre de Oña and Áster). Outside, there are two independent terraces perfectly integrated with the garden, directly accessible from the interior, where visitors can enjoy their wines in the open air.

“We have created these spaces to complement our already extensive offering. We want our friends from all over the world who come to visit us throughout the year to enjoy all our wines in a unique space, in a very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. And, if they wish, they can accompany the wines with snacks. It is a new option that we are now adding to the outstanding gastronomic proposal that we have been developing for many years in our three private dining rooms,” says Gabriela Rezola, Executive Director and Public Relations Manager, La Rioja Alta, S.A. “We are delighted with the result of these first weeks and we believe that our Garage will soon be a great point of reference for visitors to the Haro Station District,” says Rezola.

The Madrid-based designer María Villalón has been in charge of directing a project in which “we have used a range of materials that seek a connection between the industrial manufacture and handcrafts, not forgetting those sophisticated nuances we also wish to transmit” Villalón also indicates that, “we have added a poetic message with a magnificent sculpture of rusted iron in the shape of an oak tree that climbs up the walls and extends across the ceiling. “It is a work of the Sevillian artist Fernando Oriol, popularly known as ‘Iron Sculptor’, who has personally participated in the installation of an "exciting creation in a unique space" that will captivate those who contemplate it. For his part, landscape designer Íñigo Segurola, in charge of the redesign of the outdoor garden, considers that "the space as a whole breathes that atmosphere of sobriety that is palpable as soon as one enters the winery, a classic standard of excellence.”

El Garaje del Club de Cosecheros will be open Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 pm and, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, 11 am to 3 pm.

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