Gran Reserva 904 and Viña Ardanza, only Spanish wines among the 2023 Top 20 brands worldwide with the highest online search growth

The recent release of the '2023 Leagues' report by Wine Lister, a prestigious company specializing in data analysis for the global wine industry, brings double good news for La Rioja Alta, S.A. Two of the most renowned brands from the Haro winery, Gran Reserva 904 and Viña Ardanza, are the only Spanish wines featured in the list of twenty global references that, over the course of this year, have experienced the highest growth in online searches conducted by internet users worldwide.

An international ranking for 2023, including French, Italian, and Chilean wines, with Gran Reserva 904 and Viña Ardanza as the sole representatives of Spain. This ranking is derived from the analysis of leading specialized search engines such as Wine Searcher.

A section titled 'Biggest Movers' in this 2023 ranking also highlights that the wine industry continues to advance towards increasingly digital solutions. Additionally, it notes that a growing number of consumers are becoming more interested in information related to the world of wine.

Wine Lister's comprehensive study is also based on a biennial survey conducted by the London consultancy among CEOs and heads of purchasing departments, collectively representing over a third of global revenues for quality wine. This marks the fourth in their series of annual free reports, designed to provide the trade and consumers with a definitive guide that caters to all purchasing needs for the upcoming year.

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