Lagar de Cervera uncorks an exciting harvest

One more year, Lagar de Cervera is the first of our four wineries to start picking. This year’s harvest is particularly exciting for our Galician house with Albariño grapes of superb quality and in optimal condition. Furthermore, it looks like we will be seeing a significant increase in production with respect to last year.

This is great news after the difficult start of the 2018 season with very heavy winter and spring rains. Fortunately, magnificent, rainless weather during the summer months made it possible for our grapes to develop and ripen perfectly.

Manual picking has already started in Xan Grande (O Rosal) and Viñadeiro (Cambados). Weather forecasts are very good in the area and, if confirmed, we will be able to maintain a steady pace, harvesting the grapes into small tubs, taking them to the winery using refrigerated transport and sorting them manually on arrival. The field work should be over in about twenty days, when we can expect to have the entire vintage in tanks.

Meanwhile, our technicians in Rioja, Rioja Alavesa and Ribera del Duero continue to take daily samples to closely monitor the grapes for ripening and ensure they remain in good condition, in view of a very difficult year, marked by the threat of disease and damage from heavy rains and severe storms in June and the first half of July. Intense, consistent canopy management as well as an appropriate treatment schedule have been essential in reaching this crucial stage of the growing season with the grapes in perfect condition and no production loss.

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