La Rioja Alta, S.A. and JRE seal oeno-culinary alliance

The winery group, La Rioja Alta, S.A. and JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs (Spanish Association of Young Restaurateurs) have signed a cooperation agreement to promote actions related to top-level cuisine and restaurant and sommelier service and champion the association's manifesto.

The Haro winery will work together with the Young Restaurateurs who watch over the future of their trade and culture both in Spain and in Europe. Actions planned for 2020 include several events in the group's own wineries, courses related to sommellerie and activities to promote the association’s values.

For the president of JRE Spain, Ana Acín, the agreement “helps to position JRE as a key partner” for companies in the wine sector. “We put our experience and synergies with our thousands of customers at our partners’ disposal,” explained Acín, who underlined that, behind this type of agreement there, is an objective to “strengthen the sector and help each other by sharing a number of values and a vision of our trade.” 
The Marketing Manager of La Rioja Alta, S.A., Eladio Araiz said it showed “our great satisfaction with developing this initiative with JRE, with a commitment to young, consolidated talent both in the kitchens and in the dining rooms, joining two worlds that should unquestionably go hand in hand, food and wine. They also share many of our essential pillars, such as our unwavering firm commitment to innovation and sustainability and our respect for tradition, inherited from our founders since 1890.”.   

With the agreement, JRE launches a new strategic plan that starts from the desire to surround itself with renowned brands such as La Rioja Alta, S.A. and a culinary level in tune with the association’s restaurants, which are set on defending the manifest and the values of JRE. These include: advocating biodiversity and sustainability, with a concern about raw materials, how they are produced and where they come from; being up to date and even at the forefront of culinary techniques, albeit respecting and preserving the cultural heritage of each region, promoting culinary identity and traditions; and opening up to novelty, understanding gastronomy as a constant evolution, driving innovation and understanding that it will eventually become a tradition.

JRE carries the motto “Never Ending Passion” in its DNA and puts it into practice not only through the creation of new recipes and by sharing knowledge among the association’s chefs, but also by creating unique experiences and perfect moments in restaurants through dining room service and the world of wine and sommellerie. The association plans to hold a number of events this year, such as the third JRE National Gastronomy Awards, where the new members of the association will be announced and given the honorary waiter’s jacket.

JRE currently brings together 300 members across Europe that total more than 180 Michelin stars.

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