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Select the years which were milestones in the fascinating history of La Rioja Alta, S.A. to learn about our evolution and determination to make this centennial winery a point of reference in the wine sector.

On July 10,1890, five Basque and Rioja-based vine growers created "Sociedad Vinicola De La Rioja Alta" in what is known as the Haro Station District. This was the beginning of a fascinating business venture in which the only dream of the five founders was to craft and age high quality wines.

The European spirit which is so popular today was present in La Rioja and in our winery from the very beginning. Mr Vigier, a French expert, was hired as technical manager and we were soon familiar with what is now known as “classic” production.

The company changed its name to "LA RIOJA ALTA" in 1891.

In 1941 the company took on its present name, LA RIOJA ALTA, S.A. A year later, when Leandro Ardanza Angulo was chairman of the board, we registered the brand name to which we most owe our fame and renown: "Viña Ardanza".

At the time, casks were manufactured entirely in the winery by a team of five coopers. In 2002, we returned to this tradition and now manufacture our own casks with wood imported from the U.S. and dried for 2 years in our coopery.

In 1970, a new cask hall was built and we started to increase our vineyards, buying several estates. This was the time when new brands were introduced, such as Viña Arana and Viña Alberdi.

This was when the Club de Cosecheros was created, a new and daring way of conceiving the relationship between our clients and the winery. The Harvesters’ Club was created and continues to grow based on one thing: trust.

In 1985, we registered a brand name which was to become very popular in the future: "Marqués de Haro". At the same time, we stopped making the last young wines supplied by the winery, searching for a white wine with a great personality and different than other Spanish wines.

On January 16, 1996, work started on the new Labastida winery, located on our own estates just 1,500 metres from the Haro winery. This new facility enabled us to considerably improve the quality of the wines made by La Rioja Alta SA, especially with regards to the fermentation process.

We continue to defend the initial idea from back in 1890, which is still present in our wineries, where we foster the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. We therefore have enormous respect for our history and the original philosophy. This is evident not only in how we make wine, but also in our brands, in our relationships with clients and the town of Haro and in our constant dynamism.

We approach the present and the future with enormous enthusiasm, in an attempt to prevade all our work with quality, innovation and excellence.

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